Gran Canaria Carnival 2024: Be dazzled by every celebration

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The Carnival of Gran Canaria is a unique celebration that attracts visitors from around the world. In 2024, Las Palmas is gearing up to welcome thousands of people eager to immerse themselves in the magic of this internationally renowned tourist event.

Opening Ceremony: Let the festivities begin!

The Gran Canaria Carnival 2024 kicks off with the spectacular Opening Ceremony, an event that marks the official start of the celebration. In this show, the audience takes center stage, accompanied by master of ceremonies with social renown and a strong connection to the carnival spirit. This inclusive act unfolds with a lively parade that fills the streets with drumming and festive rhythms.

The Opening Ceremony features the participation of representatives from carnival groups and throne contenders, joining past winners. Together, they parade through the streets, joyfully announcing the official arrival of the festivities.

Murga Competition: Where satire becomes Art

The Murga Competition of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival, dating back to 1977, stands out as one of the historic contests of the celebration. Murgas, groups that satirize social and political events through their songs, bring an ironic and humorous note to the Carnival.

This competition, spanning three nights of preliminary phases and a grand final, is a pivotal event. Murgas, diligently preparing throughout the year, actively participate, viewing this contest as the culmination of their rehearsals.

Gala de la reina Carnaval
Foto de Ugur Arpaci en Unsplash

Queen’s Gala: Elegance and carnival splendor

The Queen’s Gala shines as one of the most iconic nights of the Carnival. Here, candidates showcase spectacular dresses created by renowned designers and supported by various sponsors. This event, brimming with color and creativity, attracts over 4,000 people and is broadcast live on national and international television.

The quality of fabrics, design, colors, and the originality of the dresses make this gala a visually unique celebration. Renowned hosts and musical performances complement this striking night.

Drag Gala: 25 Years of diversity and mischief

The Drag Queen Gala, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, is a hallmark of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival. This drag contest stands out for its open, transgressive, and diverse character. The assertion of these characteristics makes this gala a reference point for the external promotion of the Carnival.

The Drag Queen Gala, broadcast on official channels, is a vibrant showcase of creativity and artistic expression.

Calbagata Carnaval
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Carnival Parade: Seven kilometers of pure magic

The ‘Grand Parade’ is the meeting point of the Carnival, covering over seven kilometers through the city during the last weekend of the festivities. This event, which brings the city to a standstill, involves over 200,000 masked participants, accompanying the Queen, Drag Queen, and Grand Dame to the rhythm of the music.

The Carnival Parade, spontaneous and massive, connects the celebration with tradition and the public.

Disfraz de carnaval
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Burial of the Sardine: Farewell to the carnival with a unique send-off

The Carnival bids farewell with the events of the ‘Burial of the Sardine.’ A final procession, tinged with mourning and led by bold widows and scandalous mourners, symbolizes the lament for the death of the fish. This funeral procession reaches Playa de Las Canteras, where the sardine is burned, marking the end of an edition and anticipating the arrival of new celebrations.

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