Getting Around Gran Canaria: A Complete Guide to Exploring the Island

Gran Canaria

Planning your trip to Canary Islands is exciting, but it can also be a challenge, especially when it comes to getting around Gran Canaria. With a diversity of landscapes ranging from golden beaches to rugged mountains, understanding your transportation options is crucial to make the most of your visit. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide on how to get around Gran Canaria, so you can explore all its corners seamlessly.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Why is it important to know how to get around Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is a vibrant island, full of life, with a wide range of activities and places to visit. Understanding how to get around the island will allow you to:

  • Explore different regions: From the southern beaches to the rural villages inland, Gran Canaria has a lot to offer in terms of landscape diversity and cultural experiences.
  • Save time and money: Choosing the right transportation can help you optimize your time and budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses and minimizing wait times.
  • Access remote locations: Many of Gran Canaria’s most beautiful places are only accessible by car or public transport, so knowing your mobility options will allow you to reach these destinations.

Transportation options in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers a variety of transportation options to get around the island. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Car Rental

Renting a car is one of the most convenient and flexible ways to explore Gran Canaria. With a rental car, you can move at your own pace and easily access remote locations and secluded beaches. Plus, the island’s road network is modern and well-maintained, making driving safe and comfortable. Remember to bring your driver’s license and make sure to hire appropriate insurance for your vehicle.

Public Transport

Gran Canaria has an efficient public transport system that connects the main cities and towns on the island. Buses are an economical and convenient option for getting around, with routes covering virtually the entire island. The bus service (known as guaguas) is operated by the company Global, and you can find detailed schedules and routes on their official website. There are also taxi services available in all cities and tourist areas, although they may be more expensive than public transport.

Organized Tours and Excursions

For those who prefer to leave the planning to experts, organized tours and excursions are an excellent option. From city tours to hiking excursions in the mountains, there are a variety of options available to suit all interests and budgets. Check with local agencies or search online to find the excursion that best suits your needs.

Tips for Getting Around Gran Canaria Efficiently

  • Plan ahead: Research available transportation options and plan your travels in advance to avoid setbacks.
  • Use transport apps: Download local transport apps to help you find bus schedules, routes, and fares in real-time.
  • Consider traffic: During the summer months and peak hours, traffic can be heavy in certain areas of the island. Plan your travels accordingly to avoid delays.
  • Explore alternative options: Don’t be afraid to explore alternative transportation options, such as electric bikes or walking, to get to know the island better and stay active during your vacation.


Getting around Gran Canaria can be easy and convenient if you know your options and plan ahead. Whether you choose to rent a car, use public transport, or join an organized tour, make sure to choose the option that best suits your needs and travel preferences. With this guide, you’re ready to explore all the corners of this beautiful island and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Canary Islands.

Happy travels!